HSC® donates 20,000 masks to support local government effort in their fight against Covid-19
20 Mar, 2020

As we continue to work toward an equitable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, masks are essential in stopping the spread of the virus and keeping each other safe.
HSC® (Chengdu) and the HSC group donated 20,000pcs of N95 masks to the local government of Qinbaijiang,

HSC® is proud to assist in the government leading the fight against Covid-19 and support the local community worker and provide essential workers with additional safeguards as they continue to perform their daily responsibilities.

“People in our community often find it difficult to put food on their table, so even though they know the importance of wearing a mask, purchasing masks is not a priority.”

“Our community was nothing but grateful. Receiving the masks helps us all ensure safety in our community.. We don’t want to lose our elders and other community members to this virus.” said a government representative

HSC® Chengdu received a certificate for their contribution

By working together, we can help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.