The production of HSC® Premium products comfortably meets all of our customers’ requirements.



Our worldwide network of licensed mills combined with the manufacturing capacity of the Chengdu Mill provides HSC®with a total annual capacity of over 1 million Metric Tonnes of fully finished products.


HSC® cover all range of OCTG products starting with our HSC® premium connections as well as Carbon and Chrome, High Alloys and running accessories.


HSC®’s Technology, Research and Development activities are driven by a dedicated team of highly experienced, international Premium thread specialists who have accumulated decades of hands-on involvement in oilfield tubular design, gauging and production. Based in the UK, Japan and China, HSC® research and development strives to continually develop new solutions for our clients and improve on the existing process to ensure a more cost effective and sustainable production.


HSC®’s success is a result of maintaining the highest level of quality control and quality assurance during the manufacture of all HSC® products backed up by first class after-sales service.

HSC® has established a supply chain network equipped with the latest high-end equipment and the most stringent quality assurance and quality control procedures, including ERP and pipe-based traceability systems.

Today more than 650 engineers and inspectors are working 24/7 in order to ensure a perfect quality product is manufactured and delivered.

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HSC® proactive supply chain system works with a wide network of suppliers to ensure uninterrupted supply and timely delivery. HSC® Chengdu Mill is strategically located between 4 freight / rail stations for convenient access to major sea ports for ease of distribution to any port of the world.


All our production sites and suppliers must abide by our sustainability standards chart.
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